Business Plan writing for Foreign nationals.

If you are planning to move to Canada as an Entrepreneur with one of the Provincial Entrepreneur programs, we can help refine your Business Plan. All our Business Plan writing is evaluated by a Business Consultant and an Immigration consultant to ensure compliance.

The Business Plan writing fee is based on a written description of the type of business, location, and budget. Consultants expect to hear from you in writing on what the expectations are and the reasons for your plan. These points may have to be addressed in your initial request:

If you are planning to set up a larger establishment like a factory or an institution with multiple staff, you must add an initial consultation fee of $500. This is so a consultant can schedule a meeting with you to review the project. Only after a review of the project can a determination be made on the business plan and its fees. If you are planning to buy a small operating establishment in Canada and you require a business plan to justify the growth of the business, the following stages must be included.

Business Plan Writing for foreign nationals (Living outside Canada
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