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Recruitment Services

The Student Herald is a Licensed Canadian Recruiter with a global reach. The Student Herald Offers multiple approaches to recruiting. Three most common recruitment platforms offered by The Student Herald are

Pay by the hour Recruitment

Fixed Fee Recruitment Service

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Specialized and Targeted Recruiting:

Highly Skilled/Management/Rare to find in Canada positions are handled in partnership with a Canadian Employer targeting specific regions of the world and identifying skilled personnel to fit the job profile and requirements of the Canadian employer. Under this service offering, we bill by the hour. This service is offered to employers who would require top level personnel including Directors or hard to find technical employees.

Canadian & International recruitment services:

The Student Herald offers a fixed fee recruitment initiative. Provide us your needs, we can provide you with screened candidates. Our fees depend on the National Occupational Classifications Code. NOC codes C & D is to attract $1000 flat fee per hire and NOC A & B at $2000 a hire. NOC code O, we would expect to be paid a month’s wage.
We offer retention strategies for International recruitment.

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