Recruitment Request

The Student Herald has a systematic and targeted approach in identifying a target employee/s for Canadian employers under the AIPP Program. The Student Herald is a recruiter specialized in international recruitment and attempts to protect Canadian employer’s interest. To protect our client’s (Canadian Employer) interest, The Student Herald also runs a retention evaluation and considers factors like relatives in Canada, among other factors.

Polinsys is a Canadian Immigration firm with a Global presence. Polinsys can target. Identify and process applicants from any part of the world and screen candidates to identify any indication of Canadian inadmissibility and their Immigration Preparedness (some provinces use the term PR Readiness). In normal circumstances, it takes around 4 months for an employee to reach you if they are Immigration Prepared and over 11 months if they must get their language exams and credentials done.  If the applicant is from within Canada, they could take up the position at short notice and could work for the organization for a year before any immigration support is provided if they have the authorization to work in Canada and if there is more than a year left on their work permit.

Two Canadian Corporations joining forces to offer Canadian Employers the best possible solutions for your employee shortages.

The Student Herald & Polinsys will use the information provided through this form to evaluate the position. We will begin our work only after we are all in agreement with expectations.