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Immigration evaluation Pre-interview

Canadian employers are particularly interested in hiring Candidates who are immigration-ready so that they can expect their employees to join them within a reasonable time (3 or 4 months) after providing an offer of employment. However, some employers may be willing to wait longer and accept candidates who are not Immigration ready. Therefore, every effort must be made to complete your English or French Language exams, and your Credential Evaluation faster as soon as possible.

It may be a good option to enroll in the Preparedness Program with a Canadian Immigration firm and get your “Immigration Ready” title with all your documents and credentials ready for employment (& immigration) in Canada. This could enhance your chances of selection and would also assist Canadian employers to select candidates and have them at their new Jobsite sooner. Please speak to your coordinator on such programs offered by Canadian Immigration firms for a small fee.

Canadian Jobs offered through the AIPP and RNIP are residency pathways and unlike jobs in the Middle East, these pathways evaluate all aspects of fundamental eligibility norms for Canadian Permanent Residence. There are questions pertaining to health and criminality to be answered. Polinsys hosts an information session on approaching employer-driven programs in Canada. Please attend a Zoom meeting conducted every Friday on Permanent Residence Pathways to Canada:  at 10 am EST Toronto Time

Zoom Link, Meeting ID: 980 0649 7668, Passcode: 633475

All Fridays: Dubai: 6PM, Delhi: 7.30pm, Manila: 10PM, Toronto: 10/11am

This form is being sent to you because a Canadian employer has positions related to your experience. We would be interested to evaluate your job description if you think it matches the job requirement. Please complete this form to evaluate your Canada Immigration readiness. Employment through the AIPP or other Canadian Federal employer-driven programs are Canadian Permanent Residence pathways for the whole family and applicants must be immigration ready. Once completed, and after evaluation, we will then notify the Canadian Employer and would attempt to schedule an interview.  Please do not leave any fields blank, If it does not apply to you, please indicate ‘Not Applicable’

If for some reason you are not able to submit this form, please scroll up and identify the errors. Every field must be filled. Thank you!