Honesty is your best friend.

Immigration services have the reputation of attracting some awfully bad people. So, when you sign up a client, they won’t trust you until you prove yourself. But, how do you gain the trust of your clients?

You must understand what integrity means and develop a culture built on actions that highlight it.

Setting up Agents. A wise move?

Foreign Agents cannot be supervised or managed because they come under the legal jurisdiction of a different country. They can easily be the cause of your legal issues in Canada. Any person in a foreign country who uses your foreign agent does so because they trust them.

But, if a foreign agent violates the regulation and impacts his client, you’ll be exposed to legal liability because laws in Canada are crystal clear. Any illegal activity your client is exposed to is your responsibility. You are in danger when you put your livelihood in the hands of foreign agents.

But, the good news is, we’ll teach you how to avoid pitfalls when hiring a foreign agent. And, how to bring them under Canadian legal jurisdiction. Protecting yourself is the most important action you can take.