Resume Critiquing and writing for foreign nationals & Canadian temporary residents

Our Resume Specialists will work on your provided resume once you have become our client. Please email a copy of your international resume to Our specialists will review and then schedule a skype or zoom meeting with you to go over your job title and descriptions.

They will compare the job descriptions to the Canadian NOC codes and determine a match after discussing it with you. They will then generate a resume to suit Canadian employment standards as well as immigration requirements.

We specialize in converting international resumes through our proprietary process and develop a job title and description specifically for Immigration and job searches in Canada. Our critiquing process also provides you with a cover letter for use with Canadian Employers.

Resume Critiquing for foreign nationals (Living outside Canada)
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Resume Critiquing for Canadian Temporary Residents
Where do you currently reside?
Ontario HST 13% $565.00 CAD Manitoba or BC 12% $560.00 CAD Saskatchewan 11% $555.00 CAD NB, NFL, NS & PEI 15% $575.00 CAD Alberta 5% $525.00 CAD