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Paid Authorized Representatives for Immigration Services

This video has been specifically designed to provide guidance for individuals who are unfamiliar with the term ‘Paid Authorized Representative.’ for Canada Immigration. This is a licensed professional who can aid you in your Canadian immigration application or process. 

Canada’s immigration procedures are usually direct and straightforward. When it comes to applying for a visit visa or a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), the application process is typically manageable on your own, and we at IRCnews endorse handling this yourself. For the Federal Express Entry program, aimed at obtaining permanent residence, the process is also relatively straightforward. 

If you find yourself in need of paid assistance for these programs or other Expression of Interest programs, it is vital to seek services from authorized representatives that are listed on the official Canadian government website. For your convenience, the link is provided here: 

IRCnews strongly caution against engaging with any representative who is not registered on this authorized representatives list. It’s the only reliable source for locating legitimate paid representatives. The Canadian government’s website,, provides a functionality to verify the authorization of paid representatives. 

When navigating through the government site, you’ll come across the ‘Authorized paid representatives’ section. Within this, there’s a link to ‘check if your representative is authorized.’ The subsequent page will guide you to the ‘College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants,’ where you can verify the individual providing you with paid advice. Here, you can input the name of the purported licensed individual and confirm their licensure. 

For peace of mind, you might consider obtaining a confirmation directly from a Paid Authorized Representative, reachable through the ‘Contact’ link on their respective page. Reputable representatives often host public online events for direct contact, which aids in preventing fraudulent activities. 

So, what exactly can a paid authorized representative do for you? It’s essential to understand that while they can assist you with your application, ensuring accuracy and completeness, they cannot influence the outcome. They can aid in evaluating your documents, ensuring compliance with immigration regulations, identifying priority job titles based on your experience, and more. They represent your interests when dealing with the Canadian federal or provincial governments

For those seeking Canadian permanent residence and citizenship and in need of help, employing a Canadian authorized representative is crucial. Utilizing unauthorized personnel for Canadian immigration services is against Canadian immigration regulations and laws, which can lead to an unsuccessful application due to misrepresentation. Additionally, it’s generally more straightforward to communicate directly with a Canadian authorized representative rather than via a foreign agent. You can learn more about this process through the link provided:  

Employer-driven programs are growing in popularity, with a job offer from a Canadian employer potentially leading to Canadian permanent residence and citizenship for your entire family. Paid representatives can indeed assist in identifying potential employers and preparing for Canadian permanent residence. However, remember that job selection rests solely with the employer, who will assess your skills, experience, and suitability. You should never pay for job selection, as this could lead to fraudulent activities. If you’re considering hiring a paid Canadian representative to assist with your job search and preparation, please follow this link:  

IRCnews strongly recommends that all foreign nationals seeking assistance from paid representatives visit the official Canadian government website,, for information. Always request written credentials from the Authorized Representative you plan to hire. A sample credentials sheet can be found at this link: , Most paid representatives also provide a free evaluation for Canadian PR programs, to obtain a FREE written evaluation from an experienced Canadian Authorized Representative, you can do so from the link on my screen

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