The new wholesome approach to Canadian Permanent Residency offers better chances for being selected based on multiple program participation. Immigration and moving to Canada is a life changing experience for you and your family and please do extensive research before you embark on this journey. Before you start, please verify if you are dealing with individuals or organizations which fall within the Canadian Legal system and only deal with individuals who are approved by the Government of Canada on matters related to Canadian Immigration. For Polinsys and to verify the authenticity of the speaker of all these webinars, please check out credentials on the Canadian government website. For assistance, please follow this link:


The Student Herald is an approved Canadian recruitment firm and in partnership with Polinsys, a Global licenced Immigration firm offers several FREE immigration information sessions to highlight employment and other Canadian Permanent Residence pathways. This page provides you access to all the FREE On-Demand Zoom webinars to provide you information about Canada Permanent Residence and settlement approaches. If Canada is your destination under the economic or Entrepreneur class, then, we do it all. Every province, every nook of Canada, we have a Polinsys presence to help support our clients.


The Wholesome approach will allow Polinsys clients to participate in multiple programs from around the world, all from the comfort of your home. The first link here provides the Zoom link for the On-Demand webinar and the Housekeeping document is a document related to that webinar. Please attend multiple webinars based on your situation. More the participation, better the chances!

FREE On-Demand Webinars on Canadian Permanent Residence pathways Pause the video and note down

FREE On-Demand Webinars on Canadian Permanent Residence pathways Pause the video and note down

Wholesome Approach Webinar:                                                   On-Demand:                    Housekeeping: Employer driven Webinar:                                                              On-Demand:                    Housekeeping: Education and Permanent Residence Webinar:                          On-Demand:                    Housekeeping: Business Entrepreneurs & Senior Managers:                               On-Demand:                    Housekeeping: Nurse Credentialing Webinar:                                                        On-Demand:                    Housekeeping:
WhatsApp: +1 647 8014019



The chart below provides some guidance on who should attend which webinar. Example, if you are a working professional and have at least one year experience, you must attend multiple webinars to understand multiple Canadian Permanent Residence pathways. Always start with the wholesome webinar. The Zoom link for the On-Demand webinars will take you to zoom where you can register for the webinar and zoom will then send you the link to attend. You can attend at any time at your convenience. If you do not receive an meeting link within one hour, please check your spam folder.

Attendee Chart Wholesome Employer Education Entrepreneur Nurse Credentialing Q & A
1 year work experience (Anybody) NA
Nurses min 1 year experience NA
Senior Managers NA
Students without experience NA NA NA
Business PeopleNA NA NA

Also, for more clarifications about the various programs, you can also attend the FREE ZOOM live Q&A event where you can ask questions and get clarifications. The FREE live Q&A event is held every week on a Friday. Please do NOT attend the Q&A session without attending any of these on-demand webinars because the purpose of the Zoom Live event is only to answer question you have after attending the on-demand webinar. The time and details of the FREE Zoom Q&A and the meeting credentials are provided in the chart below:

Delhi 7.30PM
Manila 10pm
Dubai 6pm
Abuja 3pm
Addis Ababa 5pm
Sao Paulo 11 am
México City 9am
Jakarta 9pm
Hanoi 9pm
Islamabad 7pm
Dhaka 8pm

Watch the On-Demand Webinars and attend Q&A session every Friday at the above time.
Zoom Credentials:
Meeting ID: 980 0649 7668,
Passcode: 633475

  • Only deal with Canadian Licenced Immigration and Recruitment professionals for Canada Immigration.
  • Polinsys online platform users must know of the following:
    • Polinsys staff and personnel only use for email (Do not trust anyone claiming to be from polinsys unless you receive an email from or
    • Polinsys website is
    • Polinsys uses as a redirect address. Any link provided through is a Polinsys approved link.
  • Always check the credentials of anybody claiming to offer Canadian Immigration services. We welcome our clients and prospects demanding to see our credentials. You can check our credentials at
  • When dealing with Polinsys, always attempt to save our credentials so that important information on immigration is not directed to spam. Please follow guidelines:

Post Covid revival opportunities for Permanent Residence to Canada is going to be substantial for PNP’s and employer driven pathways. Because the number of people in the Express Entry pool, CRS scores in the pool are unlikely to go down dramatically any time soon. January 2022, Polinsys will launch a cost-effective way to target several immigration pathways including the employer driven pathways. To participate in the program, please sign up and prepare yourself. Polinsys offers constant free information session to prepare our prospects for the various Immigration pathways. Event schedule

To receive a free invite to all the FREE immigration pathway webinars 30 minutes before the webinar, include these two numbers as a contact in your WhatsApp: +1 647 8014019 and The Student Herald +1 226 3395655. Because the invitations are sent by a broadcast WhatsApp message, only those who have saved these numbers as a contact will receive them. You will also receive updated job opportunities offered through the AIPP for Canadian Permanent Residence.

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