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Alberta Province Working together to provide better health care, released by Alberta on 21 March 2024

Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is IRC news, I am Joy Stephen, a certified Canadian Immigration practitioner, and I bring to you this Provincial News Bulletin from the province of Alberta. This recording originates from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario.

  In November, the government announced plans for a refocused health care system to ensure patients are receiving the care they need, where and when they need it. A refocused health care system includes creating four new organizations, one for each of acute care, primary care, continuing care and mental health and addiction.

Health care workers, patients, families, caregivers and community leaders across Alberta have been helping shape the future of health care by participating in what is one of the largest in-person public engagements ever undertaken by Alberta’s government.

To date, more than 2,500 people have participated in the in-person sessions, with an additional 18,000 Albertans providing their feedback through online tools and almost 10,000 participating in virtual town halls. In response to requests for more opportunities for face-to-face conversations about the issues and potential solutions to current health care challenges, Alberta Health has added 22 more sessions.

Current in-person engagement sessions will wrap up in mid-April. As the work to refocus Alberta’s health care system continues, new engagement opportunities will be developed for front-line workers and Albertans to continue providing input and feedback on shaping the future of health care.

“We know the current health care system is not meeting the needs of rural communities, but I’m encouraged by the changes being made to refocus the health care system. From a new branch dedicated to prioritizing rural health care to the engagement opportunities in rural and remote communities, we see efforts being made to ensure Albertans get the care they need no matter where they live. We are hopeful that as the restructuring continues, further engagement will take place specifically with rural municipalities.”

Kara Westerlund, vice-president, Rural Municipalities of Alberta
Alberta’s government is committed to ongoing engagement with health care workers and Albertans throughout the refocusing process and beyond. Premier Danielle Smith has appointed Chelsae Petrovic, MLA for Livingstone-Macleod, as parliamentary secretary for health workforce engagement to support this work.

“Engaging with Alberta’s health care workers has been a cornerstone of our health system’s refocusing efforts since its announcement last fall. This engagement is vital. The voices of our front-line workers are essential for understanding the realities they face, identifying areas for improvement, and gaining insight into the patient experience.”

Chelsae Petrovic, parliamentary secretary for health workforce engagement
As the new organizations come into place, Alberta Health will keep conversations about health care ongoing with a variety of engagement opportunities. This will include visiting regions where there have been or will be sessions on refocusing over the coming weeks. The goal is to empower front-line workers and Albertans to help shape a health care system that meets the needs of Albertans today and for generations to come.   

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