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2024 Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Updates, released by Ontario on 15 March 2024

Good day ladies and gentlemen, this is IRC news, I am Joy Stephen, a certified Canadian Immigration practitioner, and I bring to you this Provincial News Bulletin from the province of Ontario. This recording originates from the Polinsys studios in Cambridge, Ontario.

 Immigration is a shared responsibility between the federal government and provinces and territories.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is Ontario’s immigration selection program. Ontario complements the federal government’s immigration programs through programs like OINP, which selects workers who can fill positions that are difficult to fill through local labour markets in priority areas such as healthcare, specialized skilled trades, and technology. The program also aims to support francophone community vitality by selecting francophones and bilingual workers.

Demand for the OINP continues to be strong with the OINP issuing its largest number of nominations in its history in 2023.

In 2023, the province’s nomination allocation from the federal government was 16,500 nominations. The OINP met its full 2023 nomination allocation in December.

Nominations made in 2023 were issued under the following streams:

2023 OINP nominations by stream
Stream Number of nominations
Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker 1,122
Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills stream 443
Employer Job Offer: International Student stream 856
PhD Graduate stream 422
Masters Graduate stream 5,407
Ontario’s Express Entry Skilled Trades stream 3,017
Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream 4,985
Ontario’s Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream 251
Entrepreneur stream 3
Grand total 16,506
The following table identifies the top 20 occupations nominated in 2023:

Top 20 occupations Number of nominations
NOC 21231 -Software engineers and designers 1,342
NOC 21232 – Software developers and programmers 1,014
NOC 72106 – Welders and related machine operators 540
NOC 21223 – Database analysts and dataadministrators 534
NOC 21211 – Data scientists 502
NOC 20012 – Computer and information systemsmanagers 431
NOC 31120 – Pharmacists 406
NOC 72204 – Telecommunications line and cableinstallers and repairers 403
NOC 72024 – Supervisors, motor transport and otherground transit operators 329
NOC 31102 – General practitioners and familyphysicians 295
NOC 21230 -Computer systems developers and programmers 270
NOC 31301 – Registered nurses and registeredpsychiatric nurses 265
NOC 22221 – Usersupport technicians 256
NOC 72400 – Construction millwrights and industrialmechanics 229
NOC 21234 – Webdevelopers and programmers 228
NOC 31110 – Dentists 202
NOC 21311 – Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) 192
NOC 72310 – Carpenters 185
NOC 22302 -Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians 180
NOC 11101 – Financial and investment analysts 168
All other occupations 8,535
Grand total 16,506

The OINP continues to deliver on its commitment to address labour market needs in the skilled trades. In 2023, the OINP issued the highest number nominations to skilled trades workers in its history, nominating over 4,500 skilled trades workers. Approximately, 28% of all nominations were made to individuals with work experience or a job offer in a skilled trade occupation, including:

welders and related machine operators
telecommunications installation and repair workers
supervisors, motor transport and other ground transit operators
user support technicians
construction millwrights and industrial mechanics
To address labour shortages in healthcare, the OINP nominated over 2,000 healthcare workers – the largest number of health workers in its history. Approximately, 12% of all nominations were made to healthcare workers, including:

general practitioners and family physicians
registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates
Approximately 33% (over 5,000) nominations were made to individuals in in technology-related occupations. These included:

software engineers and designers
software developers and programmers
database analysts and data administrators
data scientists
computer and information systems managers
Nearly 300 nominations were made to individuals with high French language proficiency. Most francophone applicants received nominations under the French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream. The program’s ability to nominate francophones in 2023 was significantly impacted by the federal government’s new Category-Based Selection initiative, which included targeted rounds of invitations issued to francophone immigrants in the express entry system, many of whom would have otherwise applied to the OINP.

Ontario expects to benefit significantly from the federal government’s Category-Based Selection initiative, as many federally-selected francophones will choose Ontario as their intended destination.

The OINP remains committed to optimizing the number of francophones nominated through the program and will continue its efforts to promote the OINP and Ontario as a destination of choice to francophones.

In 2023, the program issued three nominations under its Entrepreneur Stream. By the end of the year, 53 additional applicants were in the stream’s compliance monitoring process actively running their businesses in Ontario. Since the stream was launched in 2016, 8 entrepreneurs have been nominated.

OINP nominees in 2023 came from over 155 different countries with the highest number of nominations made to applicants from India, China and Nigeria.

Top 10 countries of birth
Country of birth Number of nominations
India 8,603
China 2,855
Nigeria 799
Iran 665
Pakistan 390
Philippines 337
Bangladesh 266
Brazil 210
SouthKorea 147
Portugal 111
All other countries 1,942
Grand total 16,506

In 2023, the OINP nominated individuals with job offers from over 1,500 employers across every industry in Ontario. The top industries supported by the OINP in 2023 were manufacturing, professional, scientific and technical services, construction and health care and social assistance sectors.

The OINP aims to be responsive to labour market needs and continues to request increases to its nomination allocation from the federal government to support more employers in meeting their needs with skilled foreign talent. 
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