The Student Herald is an approved Canadian recruitment firm and in partnership with Polinsys, a Global licenced Immigration firm offers several FREE immigration information sessions to highlight employment and other Canadian Permanent Residence pathways. This page is a subscription page for each of the FREE event. A member of the recruitment firm will be present during the Tuesday event to highlight employment opportunities in Canada leading to Permanent Residence.

Events and happenings

Please attend On-Demand Zoom info sessions at any time convenient for you based on your circumstance.

  • If you have at least one year work experience, please attend the following meetings to participate in the wholesome Canada Immigration approach: Meeting 1; 2; 3; 5; 7
  • If you are an entrepreneur or senior manager, or if any member of your family is one, please attend Meeting 6
  • If you are still a student with no work experience, please attend Meeting 4
  • Hello Canada, Registered clients please attend Meeting 8
  • Entrepreneur Clients please attend Meeting 9


We encourage everyone to learn from these free sessions, understand the process and opportunities and attempt your Canadian Permanent Residence with an educated understanding of the process. Being a Canadian Corporation and a recruitment firm, we are here to assist those who need someone in Canada to represent their Immigration and Employment interest. Our services go beyond just filling forms!

The list of On-Demand FREE zoom meetings are provided here:

No. Topic Frequency On Demand Link For Who?
1 Wholesome Approach On Demand Anybody with at least one year work experience
2 Employer Driven PR On Demand Anybody with at least one year work experience
3 Education Pathway for experienced people On Demand Anybody with at least one year work experience>
4 Education pathway for Students On Demand Students
5Nurse Credentialing in Canada On Demand Registered Nurses
6Entrepreneurs & Senior Managers On Demand Businesspeople & Senior Managers (Age not a factor)
7LMIA and Work Permits On Demand Anybody with at least one year work experience
8AIPP clients meet Residence Pathway Monthly
2nd Friday
Toronto: 8 am Polinsys Hello Canada Clients ONLY
9Entrepreneur Clients Meet Monthly
3rd Saturday Polinsys Entrepreneur Clients ONLY

If you want to refer your friends to join meetings, please do not share the zoom meeting link provided in this email, rather, please ask them to register for the meetings through this link:

Looking for Support? Please Attend the FREE Zoom Q&A session held every Friday at Post Covid revival is likely to jump start a lot of immigration opportunities especially employer driven programs.  There are several Permanent Residence pathways to Canada and participating in each and all improves your chances. For Clients in developing nations, our platform is going to change completely, and the new platform is likely to be cost effective as well as participation in several approaches is going to be open to all clients in a cost-effective platform.

Polinsys & The Student Herald will accept clients based on the following conditions:

  1. You will provide clean and accurate documents
  2. You will participate through the entire process and will attend meeting to understand the process.
  3. You are willing to hire our services based on work done. That is the law. Selling visas is illegal


Before you use any paid services, please understand the different Permanent Residence pathways. Polinsys releases several videos on information about Immigration and employment opportunities and the Canadian team conducts several webinars and Information sessions. Please realize that services associated to Canadian Immigration comes within the sole legal jurisdiction of the Government of Canada. Partnering with a Canadian corporation could benefit you than using a foreign organization to service you for your Canadian Immigration needs.

If you subscribe for one event on this page, and then include these two numbers as a contact in your WhatsApp, you will receive a meeting invite for all the FREE Zoom event 30 minutes before the meeting to allow you enough time to attend in case you are free to join. The numbers you need to enter into your WhatsApp contact are Polinsys: +1 647 8014019 and The Student Herald +1 226 3395655. Because the invitations are sent by a broadcast WhatsApp message, only those who have saved these numbers as a contact will receive them.

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